Freestyle Fundamentals (1/2 day)

Freestyle Fundamentals (1/2 day)

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Manitoba is home to some world-class standing waves and it would be a shame to not shred them to your fullest potential. Whether you’re just starting to get the hang of surfing or you’re a Sturgeon Falls regular that can surf with your eyes closed, there comes a time in every paddler's career where you need a push to take your paddling to the next level.


This half-day clinic is designed to offer paddlers personalized freestyle coaching at Manitoba’s top play spots (determined by water levels).  Students will meet at the destination at 10 am the day of the clinic. Students will complete a flat-water warm up before making their way to the waves. Students will be introduced to important concepts pertinent to all levels of freestyle kayaking. The clinic will be run in a way that allows students of varying skill level and experience to get personalized coaching and feedback after every surf.  From the basic skills such as aggressive front surfing, back surfing and flat spins, to some of the more flashy aerial freestyle maneuvers you see in the videos, students will learn the steps necessary to progress toward their goals.  


This course will run with a maximum of 6 students and a minimum of 4.


Duration: ½ day

Location: Water level dependent (Sturgeon falls or Whitemud falls)

Prerequisites: Must have a solid whitewater roll. And must have paddled at Sturgeon falls or Whitemud more than 5 times.

Age/Physical Requirements: Must be at least 16 years old. Must be able to do moderate physical activity for an extended period of time.   

  • What to Bring:

    Appropriate change of clothing for weather conditions

    Clothing that can be worn in water (swimsuit, rashguard, baselayers etc.) (NO COTTON)

    Closed toed footwear that can be worn in the water (NO CROCS)

    Lunch and snacks




  • Return and Refund Policy

    A refund minus a 10 % service fee will be issued for cancellations.  There will be no refund for cancellations less than two weeks before the course date.   


    Prairie Whitewater reserves the right to reschedule a course if bad weather is expected or if minimum sign-up is not reached.