We'll take you places you never knew existed!


About Prairie Whitewater

No one thinks of whitewater when they think of the prairies and yet, there’s a lot of it! 


Prairie Whitewater is on a mission – to introduce as many people as possible to whitewater kayaking.  Here's why. 


  • Whitewater kayaking is exciting, challenging and fun!


  • Whitewater kayaking is a great excuse to get outside and spending time in nature is good for you - physically and mentally!


  • Whitewater kayaking demands you be in the moment.  Every run down the river is refreshing and real. In a world full of distractions, we need these moments more than ever.


  • Whitewater kayaking is a team sport.  Fellow kayakers not only encourage each other to go further, they keep you safe.  The people you meet on the water will be friends for life!  


Prairie Whitewater offers courses for people of all skill levels.


Whether you’re looking to cross it off your bucket list or looking for your next adventure hobby, Prairie Whitewater offers a customizable approach to whitewater kayak instruction. We provide safe, professional instruction for all skill levels.  And we inspire our students to go further than they ever thought possible!